Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Backpacker Bingo

And the next number coming up is ... nobody knows. Despite the randomness everything is relatively fast : this is how to get a Myanmar visa in a day , and stop worrying : Check that the embassy is open : today as I write this it´s closed for Chulalongkorn´s birthday , with another holiday coming up soon. google the address of a hotel/guest house to enter as address in Myanmar on the visa form Bring two passport photos,airline tickets if you want same day service , a sense of humor and an umbrella
Walk past the queu to the the small copy shop . They will copy your passport , hand over the visa form , provide you with a desk to write out the form , and glue for the passport photo. There is even a pre-attached paper clip for the second photo. All this for the staggering amount of eight baht. First counter gives you a number for the second counter : I really have no idea of what is actually done here , beyond seeing that you have a passport and you are at the right embassy. When your number comes up you hand over our passport , visa form and money at the second counter. Same day visa cost 1260 baht , next day 1000 (-ish) , lowest tier is 800. Same day visa is given without questions , as soon as my airline tickets showed up I was asked for 1260. Return at 3:30 in the afternoon , and get your passport at the Express Visa counter. Timings : I arrived just after ten , one hour after opening, and was out of the embassy just after noon. Returned ten past three , lost a game of you first , no , you first with a Thai lady and came second at the counter : out by 3.35.

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