Friday, December 13, 2013

Welcome to the Harmony Hotel , Dege

To maintain the normal order and guarantee the property safety of our guests , according to the regulations of Method for Security Management of the Hotel Industry issued by the public security organ and in consideration of the actual situation of the Hotel , we establish the instructions for mandatory compliance by all guests.
  •  1. Please provide valid identification card when check in the Hotel. 
  •  2. The guest shall not exchange or sublet , transfer customer and bed voluntarily , and the staying overnight visitor shall go through the registration formality.
  •  - - 
  • 5. It is prohibited to bring inflammable , flammable , toxic , corrosive and radioactive and other dangerous goods or animals in to the Hotel. 
  • 6. The guests with communicable disease shall actively inform the responsible person of the Hotel. 
  • 7. The firearms and ammunitions shall be handed in to the local policy and army authorities for safekeeping , otherwise if stolen or lost , the Hotel shall take no responsibility. 
  • 8. Excessive drinking , finger-guessing game and loud talking are prohibited in the guest room. 
  • 9. Activities like fighting , gambling , drug abuse, drug trade , prostitution , transmission of the books , pictures , records and video which are obscene , feudal and threatening state security and other criminal behaviors are prohibited within the Hotel. 
  • 10. The guests shall assist the Hotel and the public security organs to do well the following work including , prevention of burglary , vandal resistant and prevention of security disaster accident. 
  • 11. If the guest discovered the suspicious situation and the suspicious personnel , they must reflect promptly to the hotel staff , protect own legitimate rights and interests not to harm. 
  • 12. For foreigners lodging at the Hotel , it shall be permitted by the local security organs in advance.

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Frosty Moments

Grand day out , crossing the Indus at Ule Tokpo and up in to one of the ravines , and first runs at the SECMOL ice rink at Phey in December - feeding the myths of the Himalayas in the winter. There will be a post shortly on travelling to Ladakh & Himalayas in the winter , at

Monday, December 10, 2012


Half baked ice floes dancing on the edges of the Sengge Tsangpo/Indus - nights still ( only) around minus fifteen , and days a lot warmer.

Saturday, December 01, 2012


One would think there were other reasons to start riots in Srinagar.
("Njumba" means crazy in Ladakhi )

Friday, November 30, 2012

Population Density

... three persons per square kilometer , unevenly distributed : going up to twelve elbows per table when lunching in Leh.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

"Drive like hell , you'll get there"

How many days will you stay i Srinagar ? The Kashmiri policemans face goes blank as I form a circle with my fingers : " Zero" So : Delhi to a subzero Kargil in just over 26 hours : stepped off the nigh train in Jammu and found myself in a shared 4WD cab in five minutes , chatted up some telecom guys in a traffic jam a few hours later, and swapped vehicles even before reaching Srinagar. Loaded up equipment there , unloaded equipment and telecommers in Drass ( shattering their illusions of "the worlds coldest place " enroute). Alone with Rigchen , the Ladakhi driver to Kargil , arriving before midnight. Next day : Ladakhi breakfast ( including chang ! ) in Shergol , winding up in Phey with skiyu at last. Slept like a baby on 125 mg of Diamox. Srinagar was stil mildly depressing on a pass through only : too much continous time being watched by men with guns from the roofs etc. Drive in instructions to one of the cantonments : * Dead slow * No headlights * Cabin lights on

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Cha Lhamo

Morning tea and prayers at Tibetan settlement Manju ka Tilla , New Delhi