Saturday, October 10, 2009

Oddly familiar

I start to leave the cafe , buttoning up my jacket , and find myself being drawn to a table nearby with a not quite familiar object on the table : a conical piece of cucumber , adorned with jellybeans and other sweets .. and two small paper flags. Sort of a postmodernist torma.

Grasping for words I see the same puzzled expression mirrored from the other end , looking at my side buttoned wool jacket* " .... have you been to Mongolia ? "

Short but nice meeting with Altansukh Demberel , who had just set up his exhibition in the nearby art gallery.

* Honestly , this time I was going for normal , but in the end it was so much easier having a unchu sewn up in Manju ka Tilla , than slogging in to the center of Delhi finding a new fleece jacket .