Thursday, February 05, 2009


Stay with me now : this is the Tibetan rap band Namchak , playing together with vocal trio Ache Tsendep. The later have a thing for elaborate hats , both traditional and white cowboy model.

The lyrics .. seems to contain some longing references to Lithang , which would point to Tsanyang Gyatso , the Sixth Dalai Lama. ( Edit : "white crane , borrow me your wings " - The Sixth talking of coming death , and home sickness )

On top of that there is a distinct Hindi accent breaking through in the body language , the famous head wobble going trans-himalayan.

The later may seem the fruit of my imagination , but Hindi and Nepali has been a part of the Lhasa street scene for a looong time. Bollywood films are a staple item in stalls around the Jokhang. The love songs of the Sixth Dalai Lama are loved by all sections of Tibetan society , and frequently republished. Bilangual editions easily found in Dhasa , Manju ka Tilla etc. Stallion On A Frozen Lake is one the most intersting new(ish) translations.