Wednesday, September 26, 2007

ATM run , interrupted

Step 1 : Jump off the bus at Kunzum La.

Proceed up to the prayerflags at the crest , at N 32.40939 / E 077.62674 (altitude 4662)

Drop down to Chandra Tal , at 4296 meters , after 15 klicks.

If you get rain and sleet in front of the ATM two days higher up the valley, choose another machine and walk back .


Mridula said...

You didn't go to Dhankar Lake and I couldn't manage Chandratal. We are quits now :)

Oh! How I wish I was traveling somewhere instead of being stuck with writing a paper!!

vistet said...

The lake was surprisingly warm .. I had two short swims , but wasn't tempted on the return leg .. some snow in the morning there as well.